OX2 Consulting collaborate with a variety of technical specialists to provide robust evidence-based substantiation of safety system performance claims made in the safety case. These safety systems may be engineered or managerial.


Substantiation of engineered system functional performance and reliability (probability of failure on demand PFD) is essential to provide the evidence that supports safety case claims.

OX2 Consulting can advise on the following:

  • Engineering design control strategy
  • Engineering design substantiation
  • Design compliance
  • Design change management and configuration control
  • Design review
  • Design optimisation
  • Safety informed design
  • Optioneering and the hierarchy of risk control


Safety systems that are dependent on operators undertaking a specific task without error must be assessed for their error potential to substantiate any claims made in the safety case. Our human factors specialists will undertake error analysis studies using a number of techniques. These studies can then be used to identify shortcomings in the design of equipment or processes.

OX2 Consulting human factors experts will use the following techniques to support the development of plant and process designs and to substantiate human error probability claims made in the safety case:

  • Human Error Probability (HEP) determination
  • Human Error Assessment and Reduction Technique (HEART)
  • Technique for Human Error Rate Prediction (THERP)
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