OX2 Consulting is one of the few independent UK-based consultancies with nuclear ‘new build’ credentials as a consequence of providing six years support to the Anglo French Teutates programme in France, working alongside the UK Technical Operator and French licensee to gain operating approvals from the UK and French Regulators.

We are therefore well placed to advise on the regulatory frameworks of both countries which significantly influence the arrangements adopted by the international policy makers.

OX2 Consulting can advise on the following:

  • Safety Informed Design
  • Engineering design control strategy
  • Design change management and configuration control
  • Quality control of safety systems.
  • Design Review
  • Design Optimisation
  • Optioneering and the hierarchy of risk control
  • Staged safety case production
    1. Consequence assessment
    2. Preliminary Safety Report (PSR)
    3. Pre-Construction Safety Report (PCSR)
    4. Pre-Commissioning Safety Report (PCmSR)
    5. Pre-Operational Safety Report (POSR)
    6. Safe Operating Envelop (SOE)
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