Legacy facilities can represent significant unknown hazards which need to be controlled. The safety case can identify the generic bounding hazards to enable early decommissioning operations including Post Operational Clean Out (POCO).

As decommissioning progresses, additional hazard identification studies and experience from prior activities can be used to shape later stages of the decommissioning plan. This process can reveal the need for additional equipment and procedures and should be proportionate to the potential risk. At all stages, waste sentencing will shape the decommissioning strategy.

OX2 Consulting can advise on the following:

  • Decommissioning strategy and planning
  • Hazard characterisation
  • Waste sentencing
  • Environment Agency discharge authorisations
  • Generic, overarching, bounding safety case for decommissioning
  • Stepwise safety justifications for decommissioning, decontamination and size reduction operations
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