OX2 Consulting
OX2 Consulting is an independent consultancy based in Oxford with a track record of providing nuclear safety, regulatory and engineering design support to nuclear operators, designers, licensees and their contractors. We are science, engineering and management consultants to the global nuclear community.

We undertake all aspects of nuclear risk assessment and safety justification, from safety case strategy, safety case production, through governance and regulatory approval. We use risk assessment techniques to inform new plant designs or design modifications. In addition, the work we undertake can inform key investment decisions and plant life extension plans.

We bring academic rigor to the claim, argument, evidence safety case methodology, underpinned with a pragmatic, experience based approach that ensures risks are optimised across the licensee’s activities.

OX2 Consulting based in Oxford

How can we help?

OX2 Consulting provide the following services across all aspects of nuclear operations:

  • Integrated, iterative safety assessment
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Risk reduction strategies
  • Staged safety case production:
    • Preliminary Safety Report (PSR)
    • Pre-Construction Safety Report (PCSR)
    • Pre-Commissioning Safety Report (PCmSR)
    • Pre-Operational Safety Report (POSR)
    • Safe Operating Envelop (SOE)

“… the licensee shall make and implement adequate arrangements for the production and assessment of safety cases consisting of documentation to justify safety during the design, construction, manufacture, commissioning, operation and decommissioning phases of the installation.”

UK Nuclear Licence Condition 14

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